Study Name Original Sample Set Design Study Phenotype Total # of Individuals # of cases/# of controls Genotyping Chip Register Follow-up Additional Information
ATBC ATBC Nested case-control cohort Lung, pancreatic, bladder and advanced prostate cancers 4014 2336 cases/1678 controls Illumina 550/610K yes
MORGAM ATBC metabochip ATBC Case-cohort CVD and death 1911
Illumina Cardiometabochip yes
Corogene Corogene and FINRISK 97, 02, 07 Case-control Coronary disease 4200 2400 cases (Corogene)/1800 controls (FINRISK) Illumina 610K yes From Helsinki Hospital District
DGI Finns Diabetes Genetics Initiative (DGI) Case-control Type 2 diabetes 2931 1464 cases/1467 controls Affymetrix 500K
Mostly from the Botnia studies
High/Low HDL EUFAM and Health 2000 Case-control HDL 450 184 cases (EUFAM)/266 controls (Health 2000) Illumina 370K

Intracranial aneurysm FIARC Case-control Intracranial aneurysm 1818 874 cases/944 controls Illumina HumanHap300
From Kuopio University Hospital and Helsinki University Hospital
FinnDiane FinnDiane Diabetes cohort Diabetic nephropathy and other diabetic complications 3652 1911 cases/1721 controls Illumina 610Quad yes Includes 550 individuals that are not from the FinnDiane study
MigGWA Finns Finnish Headache clinics Case-control Migraine 1123
Illumina 610K

CVD-prediction FINRISK Case-cohort CVD 2000
Illumina Omni Express yes
MORGAM FINRISK metabochip FINRISK 1992 and 1997 Case-cohort CVD and death 2080
Illumina Cardiometabochip yes
MIGEN FINRISK 1992, 1997, 2002 "Pair-matched" case-control Early MI 341
Affymetrix 6.0 yes
DILGOM FINRISK 2007 Random sampling, Helsinki area Metabolic traits 555
Illumina 670K yes RNA expression data available
DILGOM metabochip FINRISK 2007 Population cohort Metabolic traits 4691
Illumina Cardiometabochip yes
FUSION FUSION and FINRISK 2002 Case-control Type 2 diabetes 2333 1160 cases/1173 NGT controls Illumina HumanHap300 yes
GenMets Health 2000 Matched case-control Metabolic syndrome 2138 919 cases/1219 controls Illumina 610K yes
Helsinki Birth Cohort Helsinki Birth Cohort Study Birth cohort
Illumina 670K yes
HSDS HSDS Cases only sudden death 300
Affymetrix 1.0M
1992 study collection
MS case-control MS Families Case-control Multiple sclerosis 525 500 cases/25 controls Illumina 318K

NFBC1966 NFBC1966 Birth cohort
Illumina 370K yes NFBC66 whole cohort
NFBC1986 NFBC1986 Birth cohort
Illumina Cardiometabochip yes
Schizophrenia SCZ families Cases only Schizophrenia 436 408 with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder as the primary phenotype Illumina 670K

SGENE SCZ families and Health 2000 Case-control Schizophrenia 382 183 cases (SCZ families), 199 controls (Health 2000) Illumina 318K

Finnish MZ-twins Twin Cohort MZ twins Metabolic traits 136
Illumina 318K yes
Migraine twins Twin Cohort Twin cases and controls Migraine 207   Illumina 670K yes  
NIKO/ALCO twins Twin Cohort Twin pairs Smoking/alcohol 2375   Illumina 670K yes  
WTCCC3 twins Twin Cohort Twin cases Anorexia nervosa 150   Illumina 670K yes  
YFS Young Finns Study Population cohort
Illumina 670K yes