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Helsinki Urological Biobank (HUB) project

Helsinki Urological Biobank (HUB) project is a joint project undertaking of FIMM and HUS. HUB is a regional development project of diagnostics and treatment of urological cancers in the area of HUS. Peijas and Meilahti Hospitals are the main clinical centers, whereas FIMM and HUSLAB are responsible for sample logistics, processing and storing. The main clinical collaborator is docent Antti Rannikko, Department of Urology, HUCH.

Sample collecting started in March 2012. Based on informed consent and by first insuring the needs of diagnosis and treatment, HUB collects a comprehensive set of sample material from each patient: fresh frozen and formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue samples, combined with blood and urine samples, and wide clinical information. Samples are collected at the time of diagnosis and at follow-up visits.

Every year, there are about 900 urological operations performed in the Peijas Hospital. HUB aims to enroll at least 80 % of these patients to participate and donate their samples. The Tekes funded HUB biorepository will be open for all research and R&D studies fulfilling predefined access criteria.

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University of Helsinki, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa
Principal Investigator:
Antti Rannikko, firstname.lastname (at)
Contact persons:
Tuomas Mirtti, firstname.lastname (at)
Tiina Vesterinen, firstname.lastname (at)