Finnish study collections with available DNA samples:


Name of cohort Blood/ DNA samples Plasma or serum available Population or disease cohort Focus of collected phenotype data Special characteristics Web site
ATBC Study 20400 Yes Population cohort Smoking, dietary, and cardiovascular risk data, cancer and cardiovascular end points Randomized, double-blind study on alpha tocopherol and beta-carotene supplements in 29000 male smokers aged 50-69
Autism Spectrum Disorder Family Study 1709 No Disease cohort Autism and Asperger syndrome Families with extensive genealogy information available, with 20 families linked to the late-settlement region of Central Finland some 5-10 generations ago
Botnia Study 10700 Yes Disease and population cohort Type 2 diabetes, metabolic and cardiometabolic characterization One of the largest diabetes family studies in the world (1100 families), includes follow-up information.
Botnia PPP Study 5208 No Population cohort Type 2 diabetes Prevalence, prediction and prevention of diabetes
Botnia, DIREVA Study 4000 Yes Population cohort Type 2 diabetes Population based diabetes register study. All diabetics recruited from the West-Coast of Finland.
Child-Sleep Recruitment ongoing No Population cohort Sleep and family environment Newborns and their parents from the Tampere area. Study of the relationship between sleep, family environment and heredity.
Corogene 5295 Yes Disease cohort Patients remitted to a University Clinic angiography unit 5295 consecutive angiographed patients from the Cardiological Unit in the Helsinki University Central Hospital. Follow-up for min 5 years;28;2530;9899;9900;9983;9984;41288
FIARC - Intracerebral aneurysm 3862 No Disease cohort Intracerebral aneurysms Individuals diagnosed with intracerebral aneurysms, and their family members, collected from neurosurgery clinics
FinnDiane 5500 Yes Disease cohort Type 1 diabetes cases and sib pairs Complications of type I diabetes
Finnish Hematological Registry and Biobank Recruitment ongoing Yes Disease cohort Haematological malignancies Patients with haematological malignancies, collected across Finland
Finnish Twin Cohort 15535 Yes Twins ascertained from population registers Overall health, cardiometabolic, migraine, fitness, dementia, eating, pain, alcohol, smoking Collections in from 1975 onwards and still continuing. Multiple substudies. Extensive questionnaire and register data related to many common traits
Finrisk 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012 38031 Yes Population cohorts, representing several geographical areas Wide spectrum of phenotype data, but special emphasis on cardiovascular risk factors in working age population Population based survey conducted every five years. Targeting each year about 10000 individuals. In 2007, a DILGOM substudy of 5000 individuals that included glucose tolerance test.
FUSION Study ~10400 Yes Disease cohort type 2 diabetes, and including metabolic and cardiometabolic data Families and case-control samples, extensively phenotyped
Health 2000, Health 2011 8028 Yes Population cohort, representing mainland Finland General health and functional capacity Population based survey on adults aged 30 and over. Data collected twice, in 2000 and 2011 from the same individuals. About 900 individuals participated also in Mini-Finland Health Survey in 1978-1980.
Helsinki Birth Cohort Study 2000 Yes Birth cohort Early growth trajectories for later health Individuals born during 1924-1944 in Helsinki. Abundant health related phenotype information. Annual updates from National Registers
Helsinki Sudden Death Study 693 No Population cohort Comprehensive sample and phenotype data of sudden death Out-of-hospital death of previously healthy men, 68% cardiac origin. ~400 DNA samples are extracted from paraffin-embedded tissue
Helsinki Urological Biobank Recruitment ongoing Yes Disease cohort Urological cancers Project aimed at diagnostic and treatment of urological cancers in the area of HUS.
METSIM Study 10197 Yes Population cohort Cardiometabolic traits Randomly selected men from Eastern Finland. Extensive phenotyping and 5 year follow-up. Subcutaneous fat biopsies from 1400 individuals.
Migraine family study 8000 No Disease cohort Migraine with aura and other migraine subtypes. Migraine patients from 1900 families, visiting headache clinics. Extensive questionary data for headache and comorbid disorders
Multiple sclerosis family study 2586 No Disease cohort Multiple sclerosis Families and cases with multiple sclerosis
Northern Finnish Birth Cohort 1966 5987 Yes Population cohort Comprehensive health and socioeconomic data All live birth in the two northernmost provinces in 1966. Follow-up from register and personal examinations
Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986 7342 Yes Population cohort Comprehensive health and socioeconomic data All live birth in the two northernmost provinces in 1986. Follow-up from register and personal examinations
THL Psychiatric Family Collections ~4800 No Disease cohort bipolar spectrum disorder, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder Patients with mental health issues and a positive family history. Includes in depth mental health phenotyping.
Young Finns Study 2738 Yes Population cohort Follow-up study of cardiovascular risk from childhood to adulthood Participants aged 3-18 years at baseline. Follow-up has been ongoing for over 30 years.